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2015 another outstanding year with KBS Coatings

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A big thank you to all of our customers who made 2015 an outstanding year. It's been a pleasure to serve you!

Once again KBS Coatings comes thru with the right products for todays challenges. We added three different undercoat products this year. Two solvent based undercoats, one rubberized and one asphalt, and one water based asphalt undercoat.

As you can see you kept me busy enough that I failed to keep the blog up to date and for that I thank you. As a result I've moved the blog entries up on my priority list for 2016. Repeat after me, I will update the blog once a month, I will update the blog once a month, I will ......

Now that winter is upon us and folks are retreating indoors, it's the season for some serious work on our projects. It's always the customers that come up with the unique ways to use KBS Coating products.

Did you know a snow plow blade painted with RustSeal will create a surface so smooth that snow and ice have a hard time sticking to it. Plow operators claim the snow rolls off the end of the plow instead of sticking to the blade.

Worried about the effects of salt and brines on the bottom side of your car? One $25 can of Cavity Coater is enough to coat the entire bottom side of your car, p.s. don't spray the exhaust, depending on how many miles you drive each year you'll get from one to 3 years of protection from the salts and brines used each winter. Cavity coater can even be sprayed on slightly wet metal. You can watch it wick itself in between the metal and the moisture. When it's done you'll see the metal change from wet to dry with water droplets on top of the wax coating. And you don't have oil dripping all over everything!

 I know I have too many projects going at once. I've decided to sell the 1945 Ford. With a little luck I can finish the 1916 CT Electric 5 ton truck. I have plans for the 57 H Model Mack and camper, I gave the 56 Kenworth CSE away and I sold the 79 Western Star Cabover, you should see what they did with it, :-). That'll leave the 1959 4WD Ford F100. The chassis is done. I've rounded up all the rust free sheet metal, which is sandblasted and primed. I need to get the KBS Coatings MAXX top coat mixed and sprayed and it can go back together. I was fortunate enough to do SEMA in Las Vegas the past November and I always learn so much. I've studied and looked at all the specs for the MAXX line and I kept wondering about the choice of stock colors. The bright colors were developed for Disney World, they paint the theme park characters with them because they have a high color and gloss retention and high abrasion resistance.

I'm working on next year's show schedules, look for more shows bigger shows and better spots next year.

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