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KBS RustSeal

RustSeal is a superior one part, completely non-porous, ready-to-use, high-solid content, rust preventive coating, that is actually strengthened by exposure to moisture. It is impervious to road salts and most every chemical.

RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough coating that is tough to chip or scratch. These exceptional properties make RustSeal specifically formulated to prevent corrosion and stop rust.

RustSeal completely seals metal surfaces, blocking all the pores and preventing penetration of moisture, oxygen, and water vapor.

Unlike other corrosion treatments, RustSeal is an enhancement that lasts.
Water and air are locked out, therefore oxidation, the precursor to rust,
cannot take hold.

Available in Gloss Black, Satin (OEM) Black, Silver, Grey, Oxide Red, Guardian Green, Safety Blue, Galvanized Steel & Cat Yellow. Try some today...you'll be amazed!



Exceeded my expectations
I used Rust Seal to clean up the area on the bottom of my trunk pan before installing a new fuel tank. I found Rust Seal easy to apply with good penetration into porous areas. It does indeed dry rock hard and is impossible to remove with any solvent once cured. A couple of points to note. I felt the viscosity was a little too thin making it difficult to apply to overhead surfaces without the product running down all over my brush handle and gloves (I was applying to the underside of the car while on a lift). A bit more viscosity would help it cling to the brush better and not make such a mess. Cut as needed for spraying. Secondly, the what was supposed to be a satin finish was actually very high gloss. I only treated hidden areas because the sheen did not match the rest of the underside. Overall a really nice product that I would definitely use again. Thinking about using it to coat my garage floor.
Reviewed by: NYMO from Cheshire on 12/10/2019
Does the job and I'm very pleased. It would be great if the cans came with a pour out funnel with a twist cap so it could be poured out. Think about it makes sense. P.S I deserve a free can for this info.
Reviewed by: juan m palazzo from gardena on 11/26/2019
I'm very impressed with the KBS rust seal. It covers very well and has a hard finish.
Reviewed by: Jim from East liverpool Ohio on 11/19/2019
Stuff worked well
Good brush out and coverage.
Reviewed by: Jerome Albin from Homer Glen on 11/12/2019
Kbs step #1,#2 & #3
Used cleaner,rust blast & rust seal on my 62 nova and now doing my 63 mopar comes out smooth a durable .great products.
Reviewed by: Bret L Hadlick from Binghamton on 11/12/2019
Frame coater kit
I am very pleased with the way it turned I got the large frame coater kit I started with a sandblasted jeep wrangler frame used the KBS klean and KBS Rust blast and then two coats of the rust sealer followed with two coats of the black top chassis paint I sprayed this on with a harbor freight spraygun I am a beginner and it turned out great everything leveled out there are no runs anywhere The only thing is it makes for a long day waiting for all the coats to dry so you can apply the next Very happy with the results
Reviewed by: Billy from Piedmont SC on 10/24/2019
Rust seal experiment
I purchased rust seal about a month or so ago as an experiment Iv been trying find a coating to put on my 1995 k3500 plow truck to keep the Illinois salt from destroying my frame, I put rust seal on a 20G piece of steel and coated one side with primer and spray paint and the other side with rust seal, Iv been soaking it with heavy salt water for the past month and I found something quite amazing, the spray paint side obviously has rust starting to bubble threw however the rust seal side I had unfortunately scratched it with screw driver it is pretty durable but still took coating off and I must not have prepped the surface good enough because a few sections and one whole corner had bubbled and peeled right off and that whole corner had rusted, HOWEVER. After a few days sitting in salty water the rust seal had managed to liquify or run in some way that the heavily rusted corner the rust had vanished and a grayish white dusty coating had appeared, im assuming that the property’s in the rustseal that works against rust had done its job because there was not a spec of rust left and it was heavily surfaced rusted. I am going to continue the experiment and try to enhance my skills with rust seal in hopes of having a flawless clean coating to put over my newly sandblasted frame. I do know rust seal is not a top coat but from this experiment I take it that it is a very good product as long as you prep your surface properly as with any paint or coating. I’m very pleased with KBS coatings and rust seal and can’t wait to put theyer product on my plow truck project.
Reviewed by: Colt from IL on 10/8/2019
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